Damnit. Only as she is walking a completely different direction do I remember that I intended to ask out this girl the next time I got the chance.

I have failed. Come party on Dagobah with me guys. Cause into exile, this bitch must go.

Whaaat is actually happening. I’m sitting here looking at new backpacks because I’ve virtually never had one and I just get to thinking about the backpack sitting right next to me. I’m having an actual nostalgia trip over a backpack.


I’ve had this dinky, green jansport for 14 years now. It’s been with me through private school and public school. It’s been with me through elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. It came with me on every field trip and every band competition. It’s been to multiple countries and tropical places. It was the first bag I went on vacation with and it was always my go-to bag. I didn’t always like it. I actually tried to cut the strap with scissors when I was little so that my parents would have to get me a new one, but I got caught. And funny enough in 10 years the strap still hasn’t budged from that initial cut. I’ve thrown it around, carted textbooks, and I’ve been caught in the rain with it. I’ve hiked mountains, explored caves, and fallen out of trees with it. I’ve flown with it, ridden in car trips with it, and even toted it on a fair few trains. I played hooky with it. It sat next to me when I was having my first kiss. It’s what I picked up when I walked away from my first fight. It LITERALLY says my name and the words “3rd Grade” written in faded sharpie on the inside.

Through the good, the bad, and hell I’ve lived my life with this backpack behind me every step of the way. Do I really even want a new one? It’ll probably just be another Jansport anyways.