So this week I stayed up for a total of 103 straight hours. To be fair I consider it straight despite the fact that I took 4 1-hour long naps throughout. I had to drink shitloads of coffee and really struggle to do even that. During this 103 straight hours of being awake I hallucinated 3 times to for sure, as I saw people that couldn’t have been where they were. Only one hallucination was extended and auditory. I followed it all up with a 20-hour long straight sleep. This week has been insanity.

PS I totally thought the pig was a hallucination at first.

What the fuck. I just tried to watch an episode of something online and because my internet provider is SuddenLink and they’re having a spat with Viacom I’m blocked from viewing it online. Where the FUCK does SuddenLink think it gets the right to dictate where I do and do not go on the internet to consume content? I pay you to be a fucking pipe to the rest of the web, nothing more. I do not GIVE A FLYING FUCK what is happening with your fucking cable service. A service I DON’T EVEN SUBSCRIBE TO BY THE WAY. The savings on your fucking internet service are not good enough to warrant this shit. The principle of the matter is just fucking infuriating. Bye, bye SuddenLink.